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The relevant departments of the State Council at the end of the year to complete the "The Belt and Road" implementation plan

Release Time:2015-10-22

In the "push to build Silk Road Economic Belt and Twenty-one Vision and action in the maritime Silk Road "(hereinafter referred to as the" vision and action ") released after six months, " The Belt and Road Initiative " Strategic progress?

Our national development and Reform Commission in Western inspectors, the State Council to promote " The Belt and Road Initiative " Leading Group Office of the European Xiaoli Twenty-one 21st Century Business Herald reporter, two levels of central and local governments are actively promoting the "vision and action" the related policies and the implementation of the program development and implementation.

" According to our requirements, supporting policies and implementation plan of relevant departments of the central government to be completed at the end of this year, there are Ten A department to finish the work. " Ou Xiaoli introduced the implementation plan of the various local government system has been basically completed, and completed the docking with the national planning.

Ten month Twenty-one The Ministry of Commerce, foreign investment and Economic Cooperation Department responsible person, before the three quarter, a total of China's enterprises " The Belt and Road Initiative " Along Forty-eight A country of the direct investment, the investment amounted to One hundred and twenty point three Billion dollars, an increase of 66.2% That accounts for the non-financial overseas direct investment in China 15.3% The main flow, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Laos, Indonesia, Russia and other countries.

At the same time, the enterprises in our country " The Belt and Road Initiative " Along Fifty-seven A state contract of foreign contracted projects Three thousand and fifty-nine A, the new contract amount reached Five hundred and ninety-one point one Billion US dollars, accounting for the same period of China's new contract amount of foreign contracted projects. 54.3% An increase of. 24.9% , mainly related to electrical engineering, building, communication engineering, petrochemical industry, transportation, construction and other fields.

Xiaoli in Europe Nine Late once said, the next step will be to the comprehensive construction of an important node in the six economic corridors and several strategic maritime cooperation, and push forward cooperation in infrastructure interoperability and other eight key areas, built a number of demonstration effect marks.

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