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The company held the first photography training class

Release Time:2013-09-04

Ma Junpeng reported to improve the quality of the steel "today", to meet the majority of photographers desire, the work of trade unions, on the morning of August 31st, in the production department conference room held the first photography training, Yingkou senior photographer Wang Jiancheng photography and basic knowledge of photography do simple and vivid explanation, from various units the correspondent and photographer of more than 60 people participated in the training.

Wang Jiancheng served as deputy director of Yingkou TV station and "Yingkou radio and TV Newspaper" editor in chief and other duties. Now he is a member of China Photographers Association, China art photography society, PSA Photography Association of the United States, director of Liaoning Photographers Association, chairman of Yingkou Photographers Association, and President of Yingkou Portrait Photography Association. There have been nearly 1000 news pictures in newspapers and magazines such as the people's daily and the Liaoning daily. He went to foreign countries to participate in photographic art exchanges and exhibitions. His photographic works have been selected as the Encyclopedia of Great Britain.

Participate in the training of both young and middle-aged men, but they all have a name - photography enthusiasts, most of them are the first to participate in the training of photography, a photography enthusiast said with deep feeling: "through training, to have a more profound understanding of the art of photography, learn the new knowledge, broaden their horizons, while giving up personal time to rest, but still feel very worth."

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