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Zheng Wei won the "most beautiful old man" the title of honor

Release Time:2013-11-18

Ma Junpeng reported on November 15th at 1:30 in the afternoon, brilliantly illuminated, old people's Hall of music, won applause from time to time, "the most beautiful old people" awards ceremony was held here. From the steel power plant power workshop for young employees Zheng Wei in the cheerful music on the podium, the guests of the old border committee secretary Diao Weimin took over the heavy red certificate, composed of a steel power plant, 50 employees, friends and relatives, witness this exciting moment.

Zheng Wei 10 years, for one day, unpaid blood donation of 4000 milliliters, reflects the true and the beauty of the world, for the social transmission of positive energy. Won the great honor at the same time as steel, she had a happy. This was "the most beautiful old man" the title of a total of 10 people, and 10 people received the "most beautiful old people award nomination", they are from more than 100 candidates through online voting, voting, the votes of the organizing committee.

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