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The general types of skill competition

Release Time:2013-11-27

Xiang Yong reports The company organized by the Ministry of trade unions Motor Company general types of skills contest, after fierce competition, ended in late November.

The venue is located in the heavy plate plant and sintering plant, a total of three fitter, electrician and welder competition project, more than 30 players from the 8 branch to participate in the final, they are all plants selected from more than 1000 fitter, electrician and welder in, basically represents the comprehensive strength of each branch. The players through the actual operation, showing their basic skills, learn from each other and in the game, each cut, communicate with each other and jointly improve. After assessment of relevant professional judges of the power plant, Yu Hongqiang won the first prize of electrical project, rolling mill Chen Chunlin won the first prize of the first ironworks project fitter, Wang Youjun won the first prize of welder project.

Plate factory one contestant said: "the position is not so important, by participating in the competition, see their own shortcomings, find the direction for our young people, this is the most important."


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