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The company held a New Year Gala celebrating New Year's Day staff

Release Time:2013-12-31

Ma Junpeng photo coverage As the new year begins, a total of Ten thousand steeds gallop. spring, Everything looks fresh and gay.. Twelve month Twenty-eightLater, the new company staff canteen in song and laughter, held by the company "in 2014 the company trade unions, Communist Youth League Celebrating New Year's Day New Year Gala staff "This is held ceremoniously. Party secretary Guo Zhiping, deputy general manager Zhang Yangzhen, vice chairman of the union, the working party and Minister Dong Yuanri, and staff Nine hundred Many people watch the show.

Two thousand and thirteen For years, steel is an extraordinary year, strong leadership in the company under the party and government bodies, to overcome the difficulties, one mind, solidarity, hard work, of one heart and one mind, has made gratifying achievements, for Two thousand and fourteen The "good" and the subsequent development has laid a solid foundation. The staff in order to enrich the cultural life, with more enthusiasm to embark on a new journey, and then climb to new heights, in a relaxed atmosphere in the new year, the company trade unions, the Communist Youth League to overcome the busy work, time and other difficulties, carefully prepared this visual feast.His staff is mainly from the company departments and branch staff, young people in the majority, in their embodied youthful vitality and good artistic accomplishment, some of the shows they are directed.

Nineteen The whole party, in a medley of songs in the curtain slowly opened, the actors through dance, magic, solo, essays, poetry recitation, chorus and other innovative performances, a surprise to the audience, won warm applause and cheers, the whole show up and down, actors and audience interaction the party makes the icing on the cake.To create a happy and peaceful atmosphere, closer to the distance between the audience and the program, interspersed among the four lucky draw, each audience harvest a little wish.

Twenty-one When the party ended in the "chorus" deeply attached to each other. Time together is always short, reluctant to leave the audience, we have a common wish, blessing steel will be better tomorrow, Two thousand and fourteen That is a good harvest.

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